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Age 12 Juuni-sai

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2017)

The story begins with Hanabi, a sixth-grade girl who is neither an adult nor a child. She deals with issues such as accidentally witnessing her homeroom teacher kissing, and worrying about experiencing physiological changes before her friends. The series depicts a 12-year-old girl’s innocent worries and first love. – My Anime List

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Otaku Gamer Girl
I watched this show on a whim and now I’m really glad I did. For a romantic like me, this show was super cute and enjoyable, especially since it covers the romantic relationships of two 12-year-old girls. Seeing them experience all the innocent events of a first love is very adorable. I’m sure this was a show geared more towards pre-teens, but I still enjoyed it none the less and it actually had more romance than some actual shoujo anime targeted for older audiences. So I can definitely recommend this if you want to see love unfold in it’s purest form and get a few good laughs and swoons along the way.

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I personally don’t like love triangles, especially because I usually end up feeling bad for the person who is “losing” to their rival over their love. It’s pointless for them at that point. I know as a viewer how it’s going to end up. It’s also why I don’t like harems. But, this show was just heading down a road I didn’t want to go down. If you’ve read all this and disagree with me and still want to watch the show, by all means, go for it. This anime is cutesy and about actual relationships (with 12-year-olds). That just isn’t my style. I don’t like cutesy characters (as main characters) and suck-ups. The story wasn’t fantastic, nor the art. It wasn’t a great anime in my opinion, and I don’t think you’ll miss out if you pass this one.

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It’s about three times longer than it should have been. This is one show that would have done much better as a short. It’s very repetitive… just more couples hook up. And have silly childish conflicts.

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