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Thirteen-year-old Tyson Granger (Takao Kinomiya), along with his fellow teammates, Kai Hiwatari, Max Tate (Max Mizuhura), and Ray Kon (Rei Kon), strive to become the greatest Beybladers in the world. With the technical help of the team’s resident genius, Kenny (Kyouju), and with the powerful strength of their BitBeasts, the Bladebreakers armed with their tops (AKA: Blades) attempt to reach their goal. – My Anime List

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Crunchy Roll
In all it was a great show that I will even show to my kids one day.

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I love the story they used of separating the team to go and try to win this tag tourney in their own since it brought up so much needed growth for Tyson that I never thought he would have to get and it was constantly happening in it. The new characters thankfully get developed and aren’t just there to be obstructions for obstruction’s sake and by the end of it I liked the majority of them. Also, honestly, this series could have ended at ep 30 because after the next ep it really goes back into Beyblade cliche standards of “evil group is doing bad things and main characters fight them with a tourney”, but its end good and solid to Beyblade.

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My Anime List
All in all, pathetic excuse of an anime. Do your kids the favour of pushing them down some stairs than letting them watch this–I can assure you they won’t be half as stupid after their fall as opposed to watching an episode of this tripe.

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I really like Beyblade and would recommend it to others as a good anime. It’s as good as Gundam Wing or Rurouni Kenshin, in its own way.

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Anime World
A Pokemon ripoff ushering in a new era of lameness.

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