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(Last Updated On: January 6, 2017)

15 children, 8 boys and 7 girls, are enjoying their summer camp together when they suddenly discover a grotto by the sea. When they enter the mysterious place they find a room full of computers, as well as a man named Kokopelli, who introduces himself as the owner. He claims to be working on a game which involves a giant robot that has been designed to protect the Earth from 15 different alien invasions. Kokopelli hasn’t been able to test the game yet, so he persuades all but one of the children to sign a contract in what he claims will be a fun adventure.

However, as soon as the contracts are signed things start to take a much darker turn. In Bokurano, the children must now pilot the giant robot Zearth one at a time in the hopes that they will have what it takes to defeat all of the upcoming enemies. But Kokopelli has left out one very important piece of information: the giant robot Zearth’s energy source. – My Anime List

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PS Gels
Overall, while it isn’t the most popular anime out there, I absolutely loved this series. It’s delightfully different and unique, and quite possibly one of the most thought-provoking series of the year. While a few of the characters could have used a bit more development here and there, the rest of the series totally made up for it.

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Anime News Network
Overall, while Bokurano is certainly an uneven work, I feel no hesitation in also labeling it a legitimately great one. This show represents the kind of story I feel anime does best – taking the deeply personal and expanding it on a grand stage, be that just through careful framing, or through a conceit like fighting for the fate of the earth. Bokurano is a story that will stay with me, and I couldn’t ask for more from my media than that.

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Nihon Review
I typically rate an anime based on how much I enjoyed it and how much I remember from it. This show does not have the same neurotic spurts like those from Evangelion and Higurashi that sears into a persons mind, but it has some of the most subtle yet powerful moments that dig deeper and deeper into one’s conscience over time. Ultimately, Bokurano is a celebration of life. It shows humanity at its worst, but more importantly, it shows the children: humanity at its best.

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Chad Senga
Overall, Bokurano: Ours was a very emotional watch, be it a very dark and depressing kind. It takes the ‘children are our hope for the future’ to an extremely literal level. It reminds us that the world is not always kind, and there are repercussions to our every action. Should we base our decisions on our selfish desires? Or for the betterment of mankind? But why should we care in the first place when our lives and the people around us had always been shit? These are the questions this anime could answer for you.

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Hypno Pixel
Bokurano is unique, daring, and packs some serious emotional punch. It’s the sort of series you talk about years later, when other series have melted into one vague puddle in the back of your brain. Somehow, this show completely flew under everyone’s radar, rating quite poorly and showing no sign of being licensed on the horizon, which is our great loss. This should be required viewing for fans of the eclectic, pretentious and giant robot series alike.

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Crunchy Roll
Welcome to Bokurano. This heavily psychological mecha series is a great watch, though not as action packed as your normal mech anime. What Madoka Magica is to Magical Girls, Bokurano is to Mecha, with Bokurano predating Madoka by 4 years. If you liked one, you will likely like the other.

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My Anime List
Overall, Bokurano was a surprisingly strong series that gives viewers plenty to think about. No magic tricks here, no fairy tale endings. Nevertheless, despite all the hardships the characters face, I can’t help but feel a bit hopeful, like I should appreciate life a little more and all the good things in this world. After all, we never know when it’ll all be over.

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Anime Planet
Bokurano revives in the mecha genre a higher calling than just empty thrills. It has superficial attractions for fans of dark, cynical plots – sadistic punishment of children, for one – but they are merely the icing. As a show concerned with the value of humanity in such an infinite universe, Bokurano toys with children’s lives in a ruthless bid to lay bare their souls.

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The Pantless Anime Blogger
I love the premise and I am very curious to try the manga just to see how much the anime screwed up. The anime still had some value in it if you look hard enough. It is poor overall though and it will just make you uninterested as you keep watching it. I’ll be fair though and give the first half a solid 6/10. If you enjoy psychological anime then check this out. If you’re hoping for a wonderful anime experience then this show doesn’t have that.

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