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(Last Updated On: October 9, 2017)

Isanami, a young priestess of Izumo, is forced to watch as a group of evil ninja burn her temple to the ground and slaughter the people within, leaving her no choice but to flee into the forest to escape the same fate. By chance, she stumbles upon Saizou Kirigakure, a masterless ninja from the Iga school. The two travel to Ueda Castle to ask Yukimura Sanada for help. Isanami’s possession of a strange and devastating power is revealed, and Sanada readily agrees to help her, gathering ten brave warriors to Isanami’s side. Thus begins Brave 10, a story set in the Warring States period. It follows Saizou and Isanami’s journey throughout the war-laden lands in search of brave warriors to serve under Yukimura’s banner, each possessing powerful skills of their own. They’ll have to travel far and wide, all while trying to fend off those who would chase after the dark power that she possesses to make it their own. – My Anime List

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Crunchy Roll
This is hands down one of the most enjoyable animes I have seen,and like many of you I have see quite a few.

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While I enjoyed Brave 10 very much I did find myself getting lost from time to time and a little frustrated with the overall writing. Other than that I found the other parts to come to gather and help hold up the series for what it was. I am disappointed that as of now there is not a follow up of the series, it did leave us off with the beginning of a great war approaching but it doesn’t look like we will ever get the opportunity to see. For all of you fans of historical anime and in particular the Edo Period, Brave 10 will be something just right for you. If you are just looking for a entraining series that offers plenty of action with a little romance thrown in then you should try to check it out, I think you will be pleased.

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Hue Hue Anime Reviews
There is quite a lot of cussing, some sexual nudity, tacky humor, and yaoi humor. Over all though, it’s not often enough that something is exactly what you want it to be, but for me at least, Brave 10 hit squarely where I intended for it to land. And for that reason alone I highly suggest giving it a shot. Whether you’re a guy or girl, Brave 10 has something to offer, so don’t let its underrated appreciation fool you, check it out for yourself. You might be surprised.

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Z District
Ninjas, Samurais, thrown into a political battle of lords, and 10 different fighters who somehow end up in Yukimura Sanada’s camp. The story is pretty good with a good amount of comedy and suspense thrown into the mix, and who doesn’t like when Ninja’s and Samurai start fighting. Isanami is one of the more interesting characters and her power’s seem to be showing themselves as things get worse for the 10. Its a fun anime that started off great but lacked a bit of substance, still it was a lot of fun to watch, I hope this story gets another season.

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Game Scouts
Predictability aside, fans of well-known series like Naruto and Rurouni Kenshin searching for similar titles may enjoy Brave 10. The brief story concludes after only twelve episodes and doesn’t require a huge time investment. The wealth of Bishounen characters will likely appeal to some. NIS America delivers another quality collector’s set. However, the included art book while still excellent, diminishes when compared to the impressive amount of content shared with past releases. Natsume and Yuru Yuri both offered insightful production sketches, whereas Brave 10’s content is relegated to screenshots and helpful but brief episode summaries. The previous fandoms are admittedly larger. Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of taste. Those looking for a serious drama won’t find it here.

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Marth’s Anime Blog
In the end, this is a show I’d show only to people who really liked mainstream or something. Although, that may be a bit much…not even sure if Bleach fans would like this show excessively (I have a test subject, though…I’ll let you know of the results). I also have a friend who says he really likes Sengoku era shows, so I guess this might be for him too. I’d say that you could watch this show if you’re just looking for some battles without having to think too much. Otherwise, there are probably plenty of other Sengoku shows that you could check out.

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Anime News Network



My Anime List
Overall: If you’re expecting an anime that would feel like Sengoku Basara, Peacemaker Kurogane, Berserk, Blade of the Immortal, Sword of the Stranger, Hellsing or another such one, don’t see this. It reminds me more of Neo Angelique Abyss, and Hakuouki (though even Hakuouki is better, but I have another story with it – watched only the first season, so don’t mark my words as much).

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Ani DB



Capsule Computers
While Brave 10 may have some amazing looking fight scenes with great looking animation and a variety of techniques on display, it’s overarching storyline falls flat on delivery. There has to be a reason for viewers to care about what is happening at any given moment outside of the basic motivations of the forces. To be fair, Brave 10 does manage to be a bit entertaining thanks to its fight scenes and the few running gags it manages to develop, it never becomes anything more than that.

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DVD Talk
This is an average show… if it was longer so they had more time to develop the characters and flesh out the plot it would have been much better. As it is, the show was enjoyable, but there wasn’t anything that made it very memorable.

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