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(Last Updated On: February 17, 2017)

ChäoS;Child takes place in October 2015, six years after the events of ChäoS;HEAd. Abnormal events begin to occur in Shibuya district, including mysterious deaths. – My Anime List

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Crunchy Roll
I believe you should continue watching chaos;child for it will be one of the best of the winter season.

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Bubble Blabber
Chaos;Child begins with a confusing start but after the first 21 minutes it found a way to keep me hooked until the end. The cliffhanger was predictably expected and while most tend to complain about shows leaving people hooked for the sake of trolling people, (something The Walking Dead was even guilty of) It would be a much shorter series if we get all the answers immediately which defeats the purpose of a mystery.

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My Anime List
Chaos;Child isn’t the best mystery/psychological/horror anime out there. It isn’t even the best anime in the series that includes itself, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, Occlutic;Nine, and the much maligned Chaos;Head. What it is is pretty good, and it deserves a watch if you are inclined to enjoy something dark in the vein of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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Mithical Entertainment
Overall, I’ll probably keep Chaos;Child in my lineup for now, if only because the Winter lineup is pretty thin this year. I hope we get some more character development in the coming episodes, as horror is much more compelling when bad things happen to characters you care about.

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Comic Bastards
I will never watch this show again. I forced myself to finish the first series, and it managed to not only get worse but change the entire tone of the series more than once. It was a clusterfuck of a story, and this is starting off worse than that first series. I guess someone liked it enough to bring it back, but I secretly had hoped never to see this world again. That’s on me though for never reading what a show is about and just giving it a shot. I shot… it’s now dead to me.

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