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Cheating Craft

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2017)

In a world where education is everything, if you manage to pass exams with your academic ability, you will start a successful life. However, those who fail the exams will start a cruel life. The world is capable of only developing the gifted from a young age as measured by exams – but there are some people who cannot accept the destiny they face if they are unable to pass the exam, and would do anything to pass it. This includes cheating and interfering with the exam. Thus, the examination hall has become a battlefield. L (learning) type and C (Cheating) type students prevent each other from interfering with the exam, so that they can aim for high scores. In order to prevent the L-types from getting the high scores, C-type students battle against them. This battle also involves the examiners who do not allow cheating, making the examination hall even more chaotic! The heated battle between Mumei, a C-type student, and Koui, an L-type, begins! Can Koui outsmart Mumei and her tricks? – My Anime List

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This was great. Easily the best show of the season. It never overstayed its welcome and it always made me laugh. Very dumb and chuuni, in the most hilarious way possible. Great OP and ED too.

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Crunchy Roll
This should have been a thinking person’s anime with somewhat believable cheating schemes and the planning and character development between tests to fill in the gaps. It’s a real shame.

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My Anime List
I highly recommend that you watch it! If you don’t like it by the 3rd episode, then you probably won’t like it.

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Overall, Cheating Craft was a pretty big mess. Not the worst I’ve seen, and certainly if you’re interested give the first couple of episodes a go. It stops being any good after that point…

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