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Code Geass (Season 2)

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

One year has passed since the Black Rebellion, a failed uprising against the Holy Britannian Empire led by the masked vigilante Zero, who is now missing. At a loss without their revolutionary leader, Area 11’s resistance group—the Black Knights—find themselves too powerless to combat the brutality inflicted upon the Elevens by Britannia, which has increased significantly in order to crush any hope of a future revolt. Lelouch Lamperouge, having lost all memory of his double life, is living peacefully alongside his friends as a high school student at Ashford Academy. His former partner C.C., unable to accept this turn of events, takes it upon herself to remind him of his past purpose, hoping that the mastermind Zero will rise once again to finish what he started, in this thrilling conclusion to the series. – My Anime List

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Code Geass is almost perfect. It is one of my favorite anime and one I can recommend a blind buy for. IT may not be for everyone, but it’s one that has cemented itself as a classic, especially since it can sell so well after being out of print for a long time.

It’s an unforgettable anime, one with a story and characters that will stick with you after you’re finished. It also set a high bar for anime original endings that people haven’t quite topped when it comes to anime not based off a manga. Code Geass has withstood the test of time and we’re still talking about it, waiting for season three with baited breath, wondering how Lelouch will surprise us next!

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Anime Evo
All in all, Code Geass R2 is an amazing show. It’s VERY well done, but it’s not perfect. Some flaws do stick out, and at times, some parts of it DO feel rushed, but at the end of the day, Code Geass R2 stands in the hall of fame as one of the best anime to date.

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Anime Planet
Code Geass S1 is from beginning to end one of the most enjoyable anime of all time; conversely, Code Geass R2 is predominantly a big fat anti-climax. Conveniently, it delivers a hefty emotional punch at the last minute, ensuring in the process that it will be remembered with great fondness rather than bitter disappointment. In that sense the final episode could be read as a masterful move, although I think it’s more like skilful cheating. When all is said and done, any emotional connection made with R2 is only possible because of S1’s outstanding groundwork; for example, Lelouch remains sympathetic for miracles he used to perform as opposed to any of his actions here. As a standalone series, R2 is shamefully lacking; as part of a set of two, however, its worth lies in delivering the only thing S1 was missing – a spectacular finish.

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It was Marvelous !!
Intellectual battles of minds and strategy of the same or higher levels than Lelouch !!
The series definitely has progressed a lot and is much better than Death Note.

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Hue Hue Anime Reviews
The characters, plot, and background are all so indescribably unique that I consider Code Geass a “must-see” for any and all anime fans. It is definitely one of the most well known animes, and with good reason.

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Overall: Code Geass R2 is a series that almost every Code Geass fan will be happy to watch – for newer fans watching the first season is recommended. While its approach is often divergent from the first, it shares enough absurdities and overindulgence that those who didn’t like the first series will most likely detest this one. Yet for all its flashiness, its superficiality and its dangerously complex back-story, this is still a far more entertaining series than most of the other shows out there. Again, Code Geass R2 proves that entertainment doesn’t always have to be meaningful, just enjoyable. If you didn’t enjoy the first season, then you most likely will not enjoy R2.

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The Nihon Review
Ultimately, how much you will enjoy Code Geass R2 is dependent on your opinion of the first season. If you think that the first season is mediocre or worse, skip this incarnation. If you think that season one is pleasure to watch, then expect the second season to be reduced to a guilty one.

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Anime World
Does everything it can to ruin a good thing, but the concept keeps it watchable and the finale is fittingly spectacular.

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