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Flip Flappers

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2017)

Cocona, a cautious middle school girl, encounters an eccentric and headstrong girl named Papika. Together, they end up traveling to strange worlds known as Pure Illusion, where they must retrieve mysterious, amorphous fragments said to grant wishes. As Cocona and Papika gather these fragments for the Flip Flap organization, they come up against Cocona’s childhood friend Yayaka, who is seeking the fragments for Flip Flap’s rival, Asclepius, allegedly bent on world conquest. As both organizations collide, Cocona learns more about the world than she thought possible. – My Anime List

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Crunchy Roll
This could get interesting very fast. Or very slow. Or maybe just drag us along like dreams do, and leave us wondering what the heck it all meant, in the end… if anything.

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Ruminated Scrawlings
FLIP FLAPPERS is a fantastic anime and I would recommend it to any anime fan. It has a lot of the good qualities of modern anime such as bright colours, and eccentric characters that aren’t annoying, without any obvious fan service or pandering.

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PS Gels
Flip Flappers is the show that determines to break free and walk its own path. So back to that very first question: What makes Flip Flappers special? Well, I will put it this way: the show is a sublime example of animation in its purest form. Shows like this further highlight what makes animation so unique and appealing (I’m not talking strictly about anime, but the whole animation medium) that others medium can’t be able to express. Story like this can only works in animation form and the show successfully remind us the pure magic of animation and really why we fall in love with animation in a first place. With show as confident and creative as this I have a pretty optimistic feeling for the future of animation. Cross my fingers.

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Yuri Reviews
All in all, Flip Flappers was a much-needed shot in the arm for yuri anime, and after rewatching this, if I could do it over again, I’d probably award this Best Yuri Anime over Amanchu!. Better late than never to realize that, I guess~

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My Anime List
Flip flappers deserves some notoriety for its great efforts and contributions to the fall 2016 season. I felt that this title was incredibly fun to watch! The characters, art, soundtrack and story. There was so many things that I liked in the show that made it enjoyable.

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Anime Planet
For what the show is it is good and I reccomend watching it, but I certainly feel the show could have gone in a much better direction if it didn’t suffer from “13 Episode Syndrome”

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I would recommend this to others though, or to at least try the first episode. A lot of people liked it much more than me. And it’s the kind of show I wish I could like.

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Reel Rundown
Basically, it’s enchanting, pretty, and memorable, but after you’re no longer dazzled by the art, the story is just so-so.

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