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In 1860’s Edo, Japan, 16-year-old Chizuru Yukimura lives a simple life as the daughter of a doctor. When her father’s work takes him away from home and into the capital of Kyoto, Chizuru is left alone with only the letters from her father as a means to stay in contact with him. After the letters stop coming though, Chizuru becomes gravely concerned. Disguising herself as a man for safety, she travels to Kyoto to find him, only to find herself being attacked by a group of samurai and a strange, almost inhuman man. Chizuru is saved by a mysterious member of a group known as the Shinsengumi, but because of what she witnessed, she’s taken back to their base of operations to be interrogated and possibly silenced…forever. Hakuouki features the striking young men of the Shinsengumi and their secret clan of warriors, who decide to spare Chizuru upon finding out who her father is, revealing that they too are looking for him, but for different reasons. Now Chizuru must not only continue the search for her father among her new friends, but discover secrets bigger than she ever imagined, all the while forming bonds with the handsome young men that will forever change the course of their lives. – My Anime List

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THEM Anime
So, are you the kind of anime fan who enjoys watching a harem of pretty boys? Then if you haven’t watched this already, I advise you to do so at your earliest convenience because you will undoubtedly enjoy this. How about the rest of us? Well, it can a bit of a mixed bag at times thanks to occasionally dodgy animation, but the storyline and characters remain compelling enough to be worthwhile.

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This is a really fun and entertaining show that will not disappoint fans of samurai anime. It of course is an anime, so even though it has a lot of history, not everything follows that same path. I honestly couldn’t stop watching this once I started it, and can’t wait for the newest episodes from season 2 to be subbed.

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My Anime List
All in all, you should watch for the fight scenes (guys), and the man candy (girls) and just the characters! I highly recommend it.

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Comics Online
All in all Hakuoki joins the ranks of so many other anime titles that people will either love or not care for at all. Anime fans who live for drama and character interactions will be all over this like a fat kid on cake, while those looking for blood and brawls will have to satiate their appetites elsewhere. Personally I quite enjoyed Hakuoki and would recommend it to those looking to try out something a little different to the norm.

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