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Heartcatch Precure

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2017)

2nd year middle school student Tsubomi Hanasaki has just moved with her family to the town of Kibougahana to live with her grandma. She is shy and introverted, but is determined to start off her new school life at Myoudou Academy as confidently as possible.

Lately she has been having the same mysterious dream again and again, of Cure Moonlight’s defeat at the Great Heart Tree. She wonders what it all means. Then suddenly, two fairies from the dream appear to her, and before she knows it, she is transformed into the legendary Pretty Cure, Cure Blossom!

Later joined by her high energy classmate and new friend Erika Kurumi as Cure Marine, the two girls vow work hard to protect everyone’s Heart Flowers from the evil gang, The Desert Messengers. – My Anime List

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PS Gels
Still, what it boils down to is this: if you have yet to see the classic shoujo oriented mahou shoujo, but are interested in why people are raving about them, there are two series that I recommend: Cardcaptor Sakura and this one. Heartcatch Precure was exactly what the mahou shoujo genre needed and it shows the great things that simply an excellent execution and cast of characters can do to such a simple premise.

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Anime News Network



My Anime List
Heartcatch Precure is a must see for any fan of the Magical Girl genre. Even if you were bored with the original Precure season, give this one a try. If not for the amazing fight scenes, then just for that beautiful animation style. It’s a fantastic series marred only by a bit of tedious filler, which is par for the course in this genre. If has it’s dark moments, arguable the darkest in the Precure franchise, but you’re looking for lots of angst and despair, you’re watching the wrong series. Heartcatch Precure is a fun series with something for all ages and genders, full of cute characters, colorful animation mixed with amazing action scenes and surprisingly dark moments, but in the end, love conquers all!

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Anime Planet
Like many shows of its genre, Heartcatch could and should have taken much fewer episodes to tell its story, but in a franchise like Pretty Cure, whose main goal is merchandizing, it’s lucky they managed to churn out a quality show at all. Giving the series a 26-episode run would have whittled out all the meandering episodic fluff, making the whole more akin to its stellar finale and more palatable to a general audience. As it stands, I’m reluctant to recommend Heartcatch to non-fans: the first two-thirds will do little to change anyone’s mind about the genre.

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The Nihon Review
Heartcatch Precure! does not do anything new, but it molds a familiar formula just enough to create a solid, worthwhile series. It’s a bright, earnest show that deserves to be seen.

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Ani DB
So my final impressions for the show are that it carries a lot of punch but has very little impact. It’s certainly very entertaining as a straightforward magical girl show but if you expect anything more other than pretty colors and a predictable plot, you won’t like it. In fact, I find it hard to recommend it even for the animation when something like Flip Flappers is airing right now and has all the fans of sakuga going crazy. It didn’t age very well, it’s not that interesting in terms of plot or cast, and if this is the best season in the franchise you can just imagine what a bore the rest of them are. Can’t recommend it as anything more than a time passer.

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