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(Last Updated On: October 25, 2017)

Youtarou Hanabusa is a Knight of the World, an order of knights active in the present time, whose job it is to aid those in need. Whenever someone cries out for help, Youtarou will be there! As the hero Knight Lancer, Youtarou dons a cape and mask, and wields an impressively powerful lance. His intentions might be noble, but a knight kissing ladies’ hands in the 21st century can come across as just a bit strange… Youtarou just can’t help himself. He has what he calls White Knight Syndrome: whenever someone is in need, his body reacts automatically in a “knight-like manner.” His fighting abilities and kindness are put to the test when he saves the young Makio Kidouin. Youtarou discovers that Makio is the only daughter of a wealthy family, and lives alone in the care of a group of maids. All Youtarou wanted was to leave his knighthood behind and start a normal life. But when he decides to take Makio under his wing, he becomes involved in something much bigger than him. Now Youtarou must defend Makio, without giving away the secret identity of the Knight Lancer she idolizes. – My Anime List

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Fandom Post
The word standard defines Lance N Masque. The action is standard, the dialog is standard, characters standard. Nothing really stands out for this property and it’s a shame. The concept of Yotaro trying to fight between his life and destiny would play out better if more time and energy came into the work. Instead, like thousands of knights before, this series will linger in history unknown to most.

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Crunchy Roll
The characters are generic as well as the story. The attempts at humor were pathetic to say the least. The show is clearly setting itself later for a loli-harem situation which is not conducive to good storytelling. The animation quality is absolutely dreadful, and would be considered dated in 2004. Overall, I feel that this show is not worth the time of any serious anime fan.

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The show is the definition of Ebola level that should be put on the pits of hell, it should go onto the hell hole where it belongs, and if anyone wants to know if they would watch it, I will give a thing. Watch Episode 1 if you want, but I warn you not to, but if you happen to know why I say to people to drop it, now you know. And if you happen to not go and take a shot on this, then good for you, because then you wouldn’t be suffering pain and struggles. You’re better off watching the memes people made on facebook about this show because it’s so atrocious that it’s only use as a meme material to backshit it.

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Ani DB



Anime Planet
I’m at the 2nd episode so maybe I’m judging too early, but this anime is complete horse dung. The story has gaping holes in it and the characters are all thrown at us with no development whatsoever. There is no “plot” and it’s not like it’s a comedy anime (with no plot), because there’s no humor. The sound is relatively boring, but the animation is okay. I’ve definitely seen better animation though. As of episode two – don’t bother watching this anime.

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So the story of the anime was a bit lame… or let me say childish. Same goes for everything else in the anime even the side stories were childish. There was some comedy attempts there, wasn’t there best idea. The anime wont cut it for its humor. The soundtrack was bad.. and the animation was horrible. I kept watching the anime just to see how it will end. The ending sucks. Its not worth it.

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May God have mercy on us all.

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