An explanation on how Anime Gauge works.

Review Scores

We do not consider reviews without a score.

If a review usesĀ a five point rating, we multiply it by two to convert it. (a 2.5 stars out of 5 becomes a 5/10)

Reviews that use the letter scale are converted to a ten point scale using the following:

  • A+ becomes a 10
  • A becomes a 9.3
  • A- becomes a 9.1
  • B+ becomes a 8.8
  • B becomes a 8.4
  • B- becomes a 8.1
  • C+ becomes a 7.8
  • C becomes a 7.3
  • D+ becomes a 6.8
  • D becomes a 6.4
  • D- becomes a 6.1
  • F becomes a 2.9

On occasion we consider reviews from non-English websites provided there is a numeric score.

We do not consider video review scores yet. But maybe in the future.

Final Score

The Anime Gauge score is an average of all the review scores we collected. It is not a weighted average.

sample anime gauge score

The number inside the gray box is called “the credibility value”. The higher the number, the more credible an anime score is. It is computed by multiplying the final score with the number of reviews collected. (for example: a score of 7.5 from 9 reviews has a credibility value of 7.5 x 9 = 67.5)

Credibility Value

Since credibility value is 100% dependent on the number of reviews collected, we will try our best to constantly look for new review scores. This will even the playing ground and raise the credibility value of some anime.

The number inside the blue, green, gold, or red box is the final score out of a ten point scale.

Blue (Great)

Final scores from 9.0 – 10.

a fake great anime gauge score

Green (Good)

Final scores from 7.0 – 8.9

a fake good anime gauge score

Gold (Average)

Final scores from 5.0 – 6.9

a fake average anime gauge score

Red (Bad)

Final scores from 0.0 – 4.9

a fake bad anime gauge score

A “Greatest Anime Of All-Time” List?

You can find that on the Top Anime menu. We arrange anime in descending order (with the highest score first). Take note that we consider the “credibility value” of a show. Anime with higher credibility scores will trump an anime with a higher final score but lower credibility score.