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My Wife is the Student Council President!

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

Hayato Izumi is running for student council president. He’s studious, responsible, down to earth…and completely outmatched by his rival, Ui Wakana. Ui wins in a landslide after promising comprehensive sex education, free condoms, and other exciting reforms. Bloodied but not discouraged, Hayato licks his wounds and settles for vice president. Then Ui moves in with him. As it turns out, their parents made a drunken promise decades ago that their children would one day marry. Ui and Hayato must now balance school life with matrimony, keeping their relationship secret from a prudish student body and learning to live with each other. Can they keep the student council in line and find happiness together? Find out in Okusama ga Seitokaichou! – My Anime List

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In the end what you have is an anime which feels incredibly natural as far as character relationships go, much more so than most series. The ecchi scenes never feel forced or out of place, they go beyond mere teasing and they actually give you what you want to see as a viewer. It’s almost sad just how rare that is to see in anime.

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Can’t believe I finished this. But honestly it wasn’t that bad. I’ve watched way worse. I think the short format helped a lot, with 20+ minutes a week of this I wouldn’t have made it. But when it’s just a few minutes it doesn’t seem as bad.

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This anime is pretty straightforward: comedy and ecchi. No other parts in-between. There is nothing to be dissapointed about when watching this, because you choosed to watch it. (I’m saying it’s your fault for watching something this ecchi ! BAKA )

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Fine, sexiness, laughs, and cuteness in handfuls, an untimely season cutoff, and steadily expanding lewdness

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This show is fap fodder as I stated in the beginning. It adds nothing to your life but wasted semen on something you could’ve felt good that you masturbated to, but NOPE. The ecchi scenes aren’t even that great, it’s just toned up a bit. The comedy doesn’t add much to the show, I never really even laughed at all. The story and characters were absolute shit. I don’t recommend watching this series in the slightest, except if you want to see how shit an ecchi series is compared to this. I know there’s an OVA, but I didn’t watch it as I could’ve cared less. If they got married and then had sex FUCKING WOOPEE, good for them. This series is the worst anime series I have ever seen. May my eyes not have to suffer through something like this again. Once again, I hope that you enjoyed. If you think this series is actually good, then good for you! You can like whatever you want, and be proud of it. ^O^ Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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