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(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

Tokine Amino works as a secretary for TEN2, an advertising agency. One day while cleaning the conference room, she is surrounded in light and finds she can’t leave the room until she solves a puzzle.

It seems a creature named Hacchin is a being from another dimension called Quizn. He is interested in the intellectual pleasure that happens when someone solves a puzzles or uncovers a mystery. And he has his sight set on Tokine Amino. – My Anime List

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Overall, Nazotokine is a low-budget, lazy, severely underwhelming series that fails at everything it tries to be, and does nothing to redeem itself. I’d even go as far as saying this is by far the worst anime of the Fall 2016 season, and I just seriously wonder why anyone in their right minds would let this piece of crap air.

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Crunchy Roll
If your a fan of puzzle cafes or interested in a current trend in Japan then maybe? Otherwise near anything else would be more worth your time.

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For The Future Of The Team
Ultimately I went into Nazotokine because I like puzzles and it was a short show. What was there to lose? A lot. There was a lot to lose, like the part of my soul that died each time I watched this pointless show. I guess what I’m saying is: don’t watch Nazotokine. Just don’t. Please. Save yourself.

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You’ve disappointed me, Dimension sky… You’ve really disappointed me. Even though this is apparently your first anime.

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