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Pan De Peace

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2017)

The “cute and soft bread four-panel manga” centers around Minami, an air-headed girl who is starting high school and who loves eating bread for breakfast. Baked goods bring happiness everyday to her and her classmates the reliable Yuu, the pastry-baking Fuyumi, and the independent Noa. – My Anime List

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Crunchy Roll
Pan de Peace! is a slow-pace slice of life short about girls who love bread. Or maybe they should be called bread girls? In any case, nothing about the show stands out. There is no real comedy, the characters don’t develop, and no relationships are formed. They just talk about bread and eat it.

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Like the anime name Pan de Peace! is about bread. I mean its a moe about girls eating bread. Since there is a group of girls there is bound to be some yuri action. Well Yuri subtext in this case. The anime is funny and entertaining to watch. It didn’t have a story it was simply promoting types of bread I’ve watched alot of 3min anime lately this one lacked in many areas. However it was cute and entertaining I’ll give them that.

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My Anime List
This show is pathetic. I try to be lenient on anime like this since they are incredibly short, usually only 3 or 4 minutes long per episode. But it’s just so deplorable that I can’t help but despise it. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities to Pan de Peace. Maybe the second half of the show will improve, though I highly doubt it.

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Anime News Network



UK Anime
Not the best thing since sliced bread.

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Ani DB



This is a cute enough series even if it is ultimately fairly forgettable; bread isn’t the most exciting interest to base a series on but as the episodes are so short it isn’t boring. The characters are likable and the animation is pretty good for a series where the episodes are only three minute shorts. Overall this is okay and as the whole series is only slightly longer than an episode of most series it isn’t much of a waste of time if you don’t like it; watch an episode or two and find out.

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Anime Planet
I wouldn’t blame you if you watched it, but there are better shorts such as Ojisan and Marshmallow that I would watch first.

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Sens Critique


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