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Rainy Cocoa (Season 1)

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2017)

Aoi Tokura is having a rough day. He’s used to being mistaken for a girl, but it’s even worse when a captivating stranger on the train calls him a creeper for staring a little too long. Aoi’s soaked by a sudden rainstorm and takes shelter at Rainy Color, a cozy café where the warmth of the staff compliments the sweet hot cocoa he’s served. When he falls into a job at the café he feels like things are finally looking up— until Keiichi Iwase, the man he couldn’t help but stare at on the train, shows up. Did this day just get worse, or better? – My Anime List

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Roochak – Amazon
If you’re in the mood for a sweet, kinda-gay-but-not-really slice of life comedy, you could do a lot worse than this.

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My Anime List
Normal souls would find it pretty hard to comprehend this and I can feel them as there’s pretty much nothing to be gained from watching this. This makes Ame-iro Cocoa share a similarity with another one of the short anime, Pupa. However, the two are vastly apart from being similar as Pupa tends to make itself known to its viewers for a long time using some other kinds of means which I wouldn’t want to mention. As short anime’s come and go Ame-iro Cocoa will certainly not be remembered, but yet this is one anime that can not be loved nor be hated.

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Kitsu IO
I did stick with it just for this review. I would, however, like to see the guys doing some dirty things in a yaoi doujinshi so if anyone wants to draw that, it might make this actually worth watching.

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Anime Planet
If you’re planning on watching this, I would recommend it mostly if you’re killing time or boredom. Sorry, but it’s the truth~

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