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(Last Updated On: December 30, 2016)

While spending summer with his mother, Haru meets Ren, a boy newly adopted by his mother. Getting along with Ren isn’t easy as Haru’s goal is to “civilize” him by the time summer ends. Their relationship slowly improves as Haru spends more time with Ren and in return Ren steadily warms up to him. Can they really become a “family” at the end of summer?! – My Anime List

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Dr Animaniac Unscripted
The characters themselves make the show even better, the entire family of brothers making the show fun and the situations they find themselves in much more entertaining. Really the whole cast is wonderful. The animation is definitely beautiful and colorful ,which also gets this more points. Then of course, the romance is very nice. We get some tasteful kisses and such throughout the show without the unecessary “rapey” scenes you often see in yaoi, even the greats, so that was nice. Basically, this is a yaoi done right and with just a bit more fine tuning, it can definitely reach the level of the greats and get that personal 10 from me like they have. Perhaps the 2nd season that has been confirmed will do just that. Either way, this a must for any Yaoi lover, beginner or advanced.

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Chibi Majo
Now I’ve always felt uneasy with this anime because from episode 1 it hinted a romantic super-lovers-charactersrelationship between Haru and Ren and the thing is Ren was 8 and Haru was 16, so of course that was a little weird but I got over that considering some of my favorite couples have an even larger age gap. However, I ranted about this with KissxSis and I’ll repeat myself again, it doesn’t matter if you’re not blood related you’re still siblings by law! I’m very weird about Haru and Ren’s romantic relationship but I can get over it because at least they had a good bond (unlike the main trio in KissxSis). I did like the other characters because they felt relevant but not too relevant to the story that they take the attention away from the main couple which is what their role is as the supporting cast. I liked the story overall and I’m still interested in Ren’s backstory which still hasn’t been explained. But my one problem is that the time skips are way too big and sudden.

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My Anime List
In conclusion, the characters are bland. Their behaviors are completely unrealistic, and if i did not know any better i would say that the characters actions and or behaviors are “complex” but surprise bitches! I know fucken better and I know that this show is just plain old fan service for 12 years old Rebecca to finger herself for the first time. I didn’t even fucken enjoy it for laughs because it was that horrendous that it literally made me feel like i needed a 2 hour shower and that i should adopt a bunch of kids so hopefully the don’t have the same fate as ren.

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From the look of it it was visually promising. but it was a poorly written peace with no real character development I never knew how to feel about anything and if it wasn’t for the overly dramatic music. If this is a love story it is strange because the kid Ren is only cold and yes a = child who falls in love with his brother (i guess). He didn’t feel bothered by the relationship of his not related by blood brother not loving him the same way and only see him as a child and younger brother. They are both from Canada and people are misunderstanding their kissing hello and goodbye (because apparently thats how you do it in Canada). Japanese people have a strange image of foreigners and therefore the characters in the anime mistake their relationship. Ren tells these people that it’s none of their business.. wheel there is no business at all. All this sounds OK like a forbidden love tale but the kid is to small and the relationship is boring. archers besides one girl is not bothered by there actions thoue they are illegal and for some reason for example a classmate to Ren understands what is going on, but not Ren? like he is not thinking of Haru all the time? Haru (the older brother) in his drunkenness tusch Ren improperly out of nowhere Ren rejects him for being violent and drunk. This makes Ren tell Haru to try harder just being his brother and this of corse makes Haru out of no ware question there bond and this happens in the last episode.. how this happened is still a question-mark and not OK. In most yaois i watches there are more then one relationship going on that can district me from one bad relationship but it’s not. The dogs are stupid. Waste of time for all yaoi lovers. Junjou Romantica lovers may like this I guess.. Not a fan.

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The Sushi Times



Ani DB



In short the anime is messed up in more way than one and none of those has to do with the fact that its gay. The anime had a lousy ending and its getting a second season in 2017. I’m not looking forward to that…

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