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Tawawa On Monday

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2016)

The anime follows a salaryman who has a chance meeting with a girl named Ai on the train. They begin to meet every Monday on the train, with the man serving as her bodyguard on the crowded commute while they chat. – My Anime List

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My Anime List
Even I disappointment with the short-time in a episode(5 mins), I still enjoy this anime due of the how simple the plot of this anime.

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Ani DB
Boooooooobiiiiiiies. That’s what this anime is about. Jiggle jiggle left and right, I’d crush you with boobies if we were to fight. My shirt’s too tight but that’s ok, it really only gets in the way! Bouncy bouncy- up and down they go, isn’t there anything more to this show? I’d say there was but that’d be a lie, if my boobs were that big I’d surely die. Grotesque and huge they take up the screen, they weigh so much she walks with a lean….

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Anime Planet

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