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The Asterisk War (Season 1)

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2017)

Long, long ago, an epic catastrophe, known as Invertia, caused a complete change in the world’s power balance. In the years following this disaster, a group known as the Integrated Enterprise Foundation rose to power. In addition to this massive change, a new breed of humans born with amazing physical skills known as Genestella also emerged and joined the ranks of humanity.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk follows the story of Ayato Amagiri, a student who has just transferred into one of the six most elite schools for Genestella students in the world—Seidoukan Academy—where students learn to control their powers and duel against each other in entertainment battles known as festas. Unfortunately, Ayato gets off to a rough start. When trying to return a lost handkerchief to a female classmate, he accidentally sees her changing which leads to her challenging him to a duel. What most people don’t realize however, is that Ayato has no real interest in festas and instead has an alternative motive for joining this prestigious school. What is Ayato’s big secret? Will he be able to keep up his act when surrounded by some of the greatest Genestella in the world? – My Anime List

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Anime Evo
I’ll certainly miss having Asterisk around. It wasn’t an “A” level show, but it was definitely in the “B” level. Good enough that you should check it out. The first few episodes might feel pretty standard, but it does certainly pick up after that point. I officially say goodbye to Asterisk and move on to whatever is next.

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The Outer Haven
The anime was decent overall considering what it had to push in a single season, but it seems to me that it should have just been a single 24-episode string, much like how Ushio and Tora has been belting out episodes for the last 25 weeks. My reccomendation is that unless you’re really eager to check out Asterisk War despite its shortcomings, wait for season 2 in April, where everything can fall into place more fluidly. All in all, if you’re not the type to poke holes, you’ll likely enjoy The Asterisk War.

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My Anime List
A harem doesn’t RESTRICT you in having a good story and characters. Furthermore doesn’t give you an excuse to have bad fan service and overused bad cliches.

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Any newcomer watching the Asterisk War could complete be enticed by it; as it isn’t disappointing, but does have a very uninspired plot. At least it was a bit refreshing to see more action and less harem. But I still was able to count all the typical harem scenes from this kind of show.

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Sparkly Anime
With some great action scenes and steady improvement this series is decent to watch. Hopefully the next season will help build upon and differentiate the series further.

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Ani DB



The saving grace is the Live2D endings. The art and music aren’t half bad either. The plot wasn’t anything great, but the character growth was a nice change over the usual OH MY GOD MY PANTIES ARE WET stuff in other anime.
Second season has been confirmed, so we’ll be getting hopefully a wrap to this. If not, I don’t have it within me to read another LN harem to find out, so it’ll go back to sitting in some corner of my mind till I see this review again.

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Anime Planet
Overall I would classify this as an average light-novel adaptation. It is easily forgettable, especially because there was other very similar and slightly more interesting anime (Rakudai Kishi no Calvary) released during the same season.

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