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Time Travel Girl

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2017)

Time Travel Shoujo is based on a 1983 book titled Jishaku to Denki no Hatsumei Hakken Monogatari by Japanese educator Kiyonobu Itakura. It is part of the Hatsumei Hakken Monogatari Zenshuu series which describes the story of various scientific discoveries and inventions throughout history. The 1983 book focuses on discoveries related to magnetism and electricity. – My Anime List

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Time Travel Girl is a show I really recommend trying out. If you like slice-of-life, science, or mystery elements with your show and are prepared to sacrifice deep character development, Time Travel Girl proves to be a fun show worth your time.

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Overall the show is quite easy to enjoy if you want something that’s pretty relaxing and funny, especially if you like to see time travel stories that feature historical figures related to electricity and magnetism.

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Watch at your own risk.

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Time Travel Girl attempts to combine history and anime but does so in a way that feels like nothing more than a childrens educational show that would show up on PBS. The pacing is often slow, the animation is nothing to be impressed about and one of the core subplots is seemingly unexplored in the first few episodes.

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