About Us:

What exactly is this?

Anime Gauge is a review aggregator website that focuses exclusively on Anime. We collect review scores from various websites and average them into one score. This gives a better sense of whether an anime is good or not. Because the score wasn't just based on a single website like My Anime List or Crunchy Roll.

Short History:

Anime Gauge came about when I was browsing an online forum. I think the forum was Reddit? I’m not sure. Anyways there was this thread where a user was asking if there was a "metacritic for Anime". Since Metacritic focused primarily on movies, TV shows, and videogames. Unfortunately, the answer was no. There was no Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes for anime at that time. The closest were sites like My Anime List or Anime News Network.

That was the moment that got me thinking. Personally, I use reviews. Before I invest my time in something I want to make sure it’s worth it. So before I watch an anime I Google reviews. I check out 3 websites and if that show passes in at least 2 of those sites, then I would watch that anime.

So I understand why some anime fans would want to check reviews before picking up a show. And it’s quite unfortunate a "metacritic" or "rotten tomatoes" doesn’t exist for anime. So I decided to take it upon myself and build one.

I am a user of Metacritic. Hence the reason why the site uses a similar scoring color scheme. Green being good, gold being average, and red being bad. But I did add new colors. A lot of new colors in fact to further categorize scores. And instead of a 100 point scale I opted for a simpler 10 point scale. For more details on this check out the Methodology page.